COVID-19 Relief Fundraising Live Music #2 – 14:00 BST


Looking for some live music and a way to support COVID-19 relief efforts for artists? Then check out the Part Two of COVID-19 Relief Fundraising Live Music featuring singer-songwriter Deny Setiyadi.

“The first part was held on 16-17 April 2020 and we successfully raised £700 / IDR 12,750,000 in 4 just four days. The money, along with my earnings from Spotify, was donated to breadwinners who recently lost their jobs due to Coronavirus pandemic. This time, I will be donating 100% of the money to Help Musicians UK, an independent UK charity that supports professional musicians. The live music will be hosted via Zoom.”

When: Saturday, 16 May 2020 – 2pm BST / 8pm WIB
Where: Online, live from London, UK
How much: Free, by donation

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