Hey guys! I’m back! Holiday was amazing. I got to see old familiar faces again which is lovely. Then I got challenged to play pool with my brother and his friend too. Didn’t know he could play as well. Turns out they were actually pretty good! But still no one beats one Deny Setiyadi for shooting pool. Aww yeah!

My last days in Batam were interesting. The leader of the school invited me for a lunch. And drum roll please we went to STARBUCKS! It was hilarious. For those who don’t know, I have never been to Starbucks before. First, I can’t drink any of its products because GERD. So I spent 30 minutes fake-drinking it because I was too lazy to explain what GERD is. LOL. Secondly, it is darn EXPENSIVE. I mean 9 EUR for a cup of coffee, seriously? That’s about how much I spent in Cambodia for a week. Or if you live in the Europe, 9 EUR can get you a one-way Ryanair flight ticket (Irish low cost carrier well-known for its dirt-cheap flights and draconian services haha sort of like AirAsia) or even better, a Tin Whistle! I won’t recommend the first alternative, though.

Do you guys still remember Rendy? I got to meet him again. He was my roommate, my co-worker, and my best friend in Kien Svay. He was the only person who would take a 40 minute tuktuk ride to Aeon with me, use the public restroom then get back after 5 minutes haha:) That lovely Japanese woman is Miyuki. She has just been ‘released’ from Cambodia. We only had a few encounters back in Cambodia, mostly at the monthly meetings because she was teaching in the province. Now she’s going to East Timor!

So this is how I ended up in Thailand again. Something is currently happening in East Timor within the government and they are changing the visa regulation, making it so difficult for foreigners to get into the country. Then our web databases had been hacked! So I’m helping the media and IT department again, which is now based in Thailand. The team consists of 3 people; the manager, the country director of AHHA Cambodia, and myself. What an honour that is! The work, however, is robotic and bloody tough so oftentimes I go to bed as late as 3am. Don’t be jealous!

The other day I saw the film Yes Man. Definitely one of my favourites. It was all accidental but really fun. Do you know the difference between successful people and very successful people? Very successful people say YES to almost everything! My teacher used to say, “Gottes größte Geschenke an uns sind nicht Dinge, sondern Gelegenheiten.” which means God’s biggest gifts to us are not things, but opportunities. Don’t just wait for extraordinary opportunities. Seize common occasions and make them great! That’s what I’ve been trying to do in the past few months and despite some of the things being absolutely fruitless, I definitely learned so many things, met extraordinary people and made so many friends! How are things going in there?


PS I’ll be writing on Fridays right after Friday prayer or Saturdays depends on my level of laziness hah

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