The trash bin incident

We all experience getting extremely angry some time in our lives. Two days ago I had a talk with my two Filipina neighbours. They asked me why their trash bin had always been full of domestic waste and stinky dirts lately, even though they never disposed anything in it in the past few weeks. I had completely no idea about it. I mean WHY ON EARTH would I scrap my rejectamenta in my neighbour’s trash bin? That’s just ridiculous.

Last night they summoned me again and they said they were informed by my housemate (who is also a Filipina) that I was the culprit. I was in shock altogether. Of course that wasn’t true. How could she tell such a false accusation? What was she thinking? Well, she knows I don’t cook and use the kitchen at home so that means I have never had organic waste that can cause the stinking, stenchy smell. On the contrary, she DOES cook almost everyday. But luckily my neighbours knew it so I guess they didn’t really believe her.

People are so unpredictable. Many people act in a way that isn’t truly their self. I just find it odd that the person you know is nice and lovely might really hate you and wish something bad will happen to you, no matter how good you treat him/her. But I’m trying not to make it a big deal. After all, if you entertain a clown you become part of the circus.

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