The great escape

Bad day looking for a way home, looking for the great escape. Getting his car and drives away far from all the things that we are. Puts a smile and breathes it in and breathes it out and says, “Bye, bye to all of the noise.”

People say things like hey you should talk, man up, whatever. They just don’t get it. They don’t understand the pain we feel and how so painfully torturing it is that escaping, lying, or hiding seems to be the only option.

Some of us might be wondering, why us? Why does it have to be me? Why not them, or her? Well, I don’t know. Perhaps it just has to be and the only way out is through. I know it doesn’t sound to be fair but life is unfair. Heck if it were, carrots would taste like beef. Everyone would go to study at Oxford or Princeton and people would all be billionaires and have 10 luxury mansions in Monaco and Dubai. I mean that would be amazing but the world doesn’t work like that.

Now it’s your choice whether you want to listen to your favourite music and sing your heart out in the shower, play songs that are so depressingly sad it will punch you right in the stomach so you could feel a little bit better. Or you can just drive 20 miles away and cry, or you can just continue having that happily-ever-after delusion of the future where you live a completely different life, a successful one. If you’re still afraid of not having one, you can just live in your present the fullest possible. Just do anything to put aside those suicidal feelings and make them go away.

And last but not least; always believe that things will get better. There’s always hope for those who whole-heartedly believe.

As for me, I’ll probably do the singing out thing…

Hey child things are looking down. That’s okay, you don’t need to win anyways.

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