Thailand (Lamplaimat), Week One

I’m back to basic living. I landed at Don Muang Airport, Bangkok Tuesday morning. Then I still had to take a bus for 6 hours northeast. I’m in the middle of nowhere with the closest town being 90 km away. But I like it here! We’re surrounded by so many beautiful trees and flowers. Funny is, even though we’re physically in Thailand, there are no Thai people at our centre at all! It’s because our first centre in Thailand is pretty newly built so we are not able to start classes here at the moment. So, the teachers go to public schools nearby and teach there. Instead, There are about 28 Cambodians here, who were once our students in Cambodia and now they have become teachers so I feel like I’m in Cambodia, speaking Khmer, even I can smell prohok every day.

Wednesday I got to go to a Bamboo school to pick up our dinner with this 32-year-old Japanese woman. I met her in Cambodia a few months ago and now she is the school’s new driver. So cool! Anyway Thai food is amazing! It’s really spicy but so mouth-wateringly tasty.

Thursday we celebrated our founder Big Teacher’s 58th birthday, and at the same time launched our new name, which is AHHA Education. SOLS is no more. We were also joined by three Haitian people who came to learn more about our organisation. Then the Cambodian performed Khmer dance and the children a drama. It was fantastic! The treats were adorably delicious :9

The next day was my birthday and it was sort of weird… It was Friday evening and I was still working hard at the office, then someone told me that Big Teacher wanted to see me. Well, okay. I thought he was going to talk about our progress, so I went to the house and surprisingly, everyone was there and one of them was holding a birthday cake. Then they sang happy birthday to me and asked me to deliver a few words. I just said whether anybody had seen my towel, because I lost it and I couldn’t have a shower without it haha but thank you guys after all! It was so fun!

On the first three days I stayed at the boys’ dorm with other 13 Cambodians but now I got my own room, which is pretty basic. So on the weekend I was busy adjusting with it. The only problem I have is the water. It’s a scarce thing here. So what are you up to guys? And Lulla, I heard you are coming to Thailand soon. I’m really excited and we certainly are going to have a hell of a party!

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