Thailand (Lamplaimat), Week Two

This week has been pretty emotional because I had to say goodbye to everyone here. Can’t believe it has been 2 weeks already and time has passed by so quickly. But of course I’m glad I got the opportunity to be involved in developing our first centre in Thailand.

Tuesday I went to a local market, which is like 15 minutes away from our school and had a lot of Thai treats that we got from food stalls on the street. It’s not just that. I found Tesco here! It’s not as fancy as the Irish ones you find in Dublin but seriously, finding Tesco in this tiny little town no one have ever heard of is like finding a needle in a haystack. No joking, I have been starving for days and I lost about 2 kg in a week. The food we have at school is great but we have to share to 40 people so most of the times I didn’t eat much.

Saturday after the farewell party, I had an amazing conversation with George. His wife is actually a good friend of mine, too. We met in Cambodia, where we worked together in the same department. I spoke to him about a lot of things and turns out he’s actually pretty cool. I learned a lot more about him in those 3 hours than I did in my 3 month period in Cambodia. I also learned so much from him and it felt good to have all these thoughts released.

My time here is really short but that doesn’t mean I didn’t learn anything. In fact, I learned lots in 2 weeks, from things like how to use a washing machine to something very spiritual. These past few years I have been living in the past, mourning and regretting things that should have happened and I thought time would heal the pain and the sorrow. I was wrong and this experience proved Elder Eppley right. He once said, “Just because time is moving, it doesn’t mean you’re progressing. A lot of people just sit with issues for a long time, expecting them to fix themselves or something. You’ve got to move yourself forward, too!” I’m so blessed and grateful for him! Hope everyone is doing great!

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