Teachers are dangerous

So Cambridge Primary Progression Tests started on Monday, with the first subject being English. They’re pretty much comparable to final exams, which measure the students’ progress, basically what they have learned in the past 2 semesters. Each test consists of Paper 1 and Paper 2 for English and science, and Paper 1 to Paper 3 for maths, quite enough to scare and stress them out. The students will have 2.5 hours to work out those papers, which means a lot of sitting and proctoring for the teachers, and then marking. Well, life is fair, indeed.

It took me approximetely 3-4 hours to mark and grade P5 Diversity, a class of 20 students and I was a bit surprised with the results. Most of them successfully did it! Two of them failed though, but anyway it didn’t really bother me a lot, as these two students are known amongst the teachers to be ‘unremarkable’ and ‘nothing-to-write-home-about’. So this morning I posted the results on their classroom bulletin board. They were cheerfully happy and delighted when they found out. Pretty proud of them.

On the writing section of the first paper, the students were asked to write an explanation text and there was this student who wrote an essay on what a teacher does. He wrote:

What is a teacher? A teacher is someone who teaches children stuff like maths, english, science and other BORING stuff that your teacher forces you to listen.

Are teachers dangerous? Some of them are, and some are playful but be really careful; if you drive them mad, they will get even more so.

Should I be a teacher? Yes and No. Yes, because you can make more friends. And No, because being a teacher is kinda boring and you need to do so much stuff! I suggest you to build your own school. – Zum Leam

Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant. Even more shocking, he scored 88% and ranked THIRD. Shortly he asked me for a present. I gave him my not-so-lame sarcasm.

No, his name is not Zum Leam. I had to censor his name. For an ordinary teacher, this is quite outrageous. For me, he was just being brutally honest. Though I have to agree that sometimes being a teacher is so dangerously boring.

So tomorrow is maths, my main teaching subject. Hopefully they’re going to sweep those tedious papers well, but not under the rug.

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