Siberia: A Cinematic Documentary

Greetings from Siberia, everyone!

I just launched on Patreon and I really need your help! As most of you know, I have been financially independent since I was 18 years old. That being said, I fund my travel expenses myself with the help of some generous sponsors. The money I earn from teachinghere in Russia and freelance job is barely enough for my personal living expenses, let alone to run a blog. My first initial goal is $700. Here are the list of things I’d spend the money for:

  • Hosting and domain – which costs $15 a month.
  • Website development – I’m not an expert on this so I need someone who can handle it.
  • Social media boosts – which costs some money.
  • Bus and train fares – I cannot walk outside when it’s -40° C.
  • Basic photography equipment – like inexpensive lighting kits and a tripod.
  • One crew – My local mate who can take care of things a foreigner cannot do.

If there’s some money left over, it will go directly to one of the non-governmental organisations I have worked with in the past because my pure motive is to make my friend’s (and others’) dream come true. I intend to write a new blog post on Mondays. If the first goal is achieved, I will create a short, cinematic documentary video called ‘Siberia’, taken entirely with my Microsoft Lumia phone.

You can also support me without Patreon (PayPal, bank transfer, etc). Oh, I’m also looking for talented musicians to make a background music for the video. I think of something simple, mysterious yet uplifting. Please send your interest to and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible!

I’m looking forward to having you on board with me! x