#reasons2live video

I started running this campaign on August 30, when I found out one of my friends committed suicide and this campaign is therefore dedicated to him, as well as the other teenagers who died by suicide. I received 64 video submissions and 3 blog posts from you and I seriously didn’t expect that! I watched all the wonderful videos and read all the beautiful stories. However, I couldn’t use all of them due to the limited time of the video, which is about 5 minutes. So, I picked only 25 out of 64 videos to be featured on the campaign video, bookmarks, etc and I hope you will understand. Thanks for participating and being very supportive.

This campaign is designed so that everyone from everywhere can make their own campaign in their own city, school or community. Yep, it means you can also help spread the campaign! If you save one life (which you are going to), all your time will be worth it. But if you inspire others, and more are saved, you are that butterfly that flapped its wings and caused a tsunami 🙂

Download the flyer here or you can send a request to my email and I’ll send the HD version of the video to you.

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