#reasons2live Campaign

Most everyone at some time in his or her life will experience periods of anxiety, sadness, and despair and committing suicide is a cry for help. In China, someone takes his or her own life on average every two minutes. China accounts for nearly a quarter of the global total of suicides with between 250,000 and 300,000 suicides a year.

In America, someone attempts suicide once every minute, and someone completes a suicide once every 17 minutes. Throughout the world, approximately 2,000 people kill themselves each day. That makes suicide the 8th leading cause of death in the United States. The most common suicide method for both men and women is firearms, accounting for 60% of all suicides. For women, the next most common method is ingesting solid and liquid poison or pills. The next most common method for men is hanging/strangling/suffocation.

Hearing the news that one of my friends has committed suicide makes me aware of teenage suicide and encourages me to make a little suicide prevention among teenagers campaign called #reasons2live. Suicidal teenagers are screaming for help. They NEED your help! There are 3 ways to participate and everyone’s invited.

Option 1: Make a video of yourself holding a piece of paper saying one of the reasons to live. It could be I want to be an astronaut, or I can’t eat pizza in hell, or even funerals are expensive. Don’t forget to write down your name and the city you live in. The video should last about 5-10 seconds.

Option 2: Make a video of your thoughts or experience about teenage suicide you or people around you have overcame. Don’t forget to tell your name and where you live! The video should last about 15-30 seconds. Keep it simple and original!

Option 3: Submit a blog post of story and experience you or people around you have overcame. Give a permalink to this post and add #reasons2live tag so that I can track your blog!

If done, upload your video to Youtube and please send the video url via Twitter with hashtag #reasons2live or send it directly to my email id[at]denysetiyadi[dot]co[dot]uk before Friday, September 27, 2013. By participating in this campaign, you are responsible for saving the lives of many people who are still struggling to overcome their problems. You are free to invite your friends, family, etc to join as well.

I’ll look forward to your submissions 🙂

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