Going on a cruise

Saturday we went on a one-day cruise around the island and its surroundings. We had the opportunity to go round the outermost part of Indonesia, which is absolutely stunning. I never knew there was a plenty of tropical islands, where wild and exotic creatures live in the lush, untouched tropical jungle, just a few kilometers away from the city. We also passed by the first and second Barelang Bridge that connect the islands of Batam, Tonton, and Nipah. Continue reading “Going on a cruise”

It’s glorious

It’s been more than two months since my latest email and I’m finally back with blogging! Three weeks ago we went to Singapore and Malaysia for the weekend. It was Friday after school, we gathered at Batam’s Harbour Front ferry terminal and there were five of us. We arrived in Singapore at 20:00 and continuously took the train and buses all the way to Johor Bahru, Malaysia, which took about 45-60 minutes.

The next day we went to Legoland! I’ve been to Legoland before but this time was different because we spent like 7 hours there, from 10 to 5:30 and we went to the water park as well. It was super tiring but really fun! Sunday we crossed the immigration checkpoint and travelled back to Singapore to do some shopping and yesh, everybody shopped crazily! We were pretty careful though, and I still managed to haggle somehow so that was great. Everything runs extremely fast in Singapore but I love this city. It’s super clean!

Continue reading “It’s glorious”

Independence Day #RI70

It’s Monday, at last, and a lot of things have happened these past days.

Last week our head of administration, Ms V, had an issue with the internet connection at one of the teachers’ houses and she didn’t have time for it because she is such a busy woman! So I helped her fix it. What happened next might get you jealous! She brought me some pizzas and nachos! What a lovely day! I LOVE PIZZAS SO MUCH! Continue reading “Independence Day #RI70”

First email from Batammm 2.0

Today marks my third week of teaching at Kallista in Batam and I’m loving it! The school is amazing. I actually planned to write every Sunday but it just seems impossible due to the amount of time I have to spend for teaching and preparing the curriculum materials. Oh I wish I had more hours on a day! I’ll be teaching 37 hours of Science and an hour of German (or two, still unclear), means I’ve got about 38 hours a week in total, and so far it’s been industriously fun! Continue reading “First email from Batammm 2.0”

Pantene Chrysalis

This video of a shampoo commercial is pretty worth checking out like seriously, it really got me thinking. People always told me I had a really low self-esteem and they were sort of true because I always felt like I wasn’t good enough and this week has taught me a lot about strengths. I realised strength is not about being better or more capable than anyone else. It is actually about how to turn your weaknesses into your greatest weapon and you’re comfortable with it. Tons of love.

Thailand (Lamplaimat), Week Two

This week has been pretty emotional because I had to say goodbye to everyone here. Can’t believe it has been 2 weeks already and time has passed by so quickly. But of course I’m glad I got the opportunity to be involved in developing our first centre in Thailand.

Tuesday I went to a local market, which is like 15 minutes away from our school and had a lot of Thai treats that we got from food stalls on the street. It’s not just that. I found Tesco here! It’s not as fancy as the Irish ones you find in Dublin but seriously, finding Tesco in this tiny little town no one have ever heard of is like finding a needle in a haystack. No joking, I have been starving for days and I lost about 2 kg in a week. The food we have at school is great but we have to share to 40 people so most of the times I didn’t eat much. Continue reading “Thailand (Lamplaimat), Week Two”

Thailand (Lamplaimat), Week One

I’m back to basic living. I landed at Don Muang Airport, Bangkok Tuesday morning. Then I still had to take a bus for 6 hours northeast. I’m in the middle of nowhere with the closest town being 90 km away. But I like it here! We’re surrounded by so many beautiful trees and flowers. Funny is, even though we’re physically in Thailand, there are no Thai people at our centre at all! It’s because our first centre in Thailand is pretty newly built so we are not able to start classes here at the moment. So, the teachers go to public schools nearby and teach there. Instead, There are about 28 Cambodians here, who were once our students in Cambodia and now they have become teachers so I feel like I’m in Cambodia, speaking Khmer, even I can smell prohok every day. Continue reading “Thailand (Lamplaimat), Week One”

Batam week four, baby!

I got a new job as a volunteer teacher at a tuition centre, located about 25 minutes away by public bus. The children there are amazing but they’re pretty shy. It’s a bit tiring as well because I had to sweep and mop the floor of the two-story building at 7.00 in the morning and go back to the house at 19.00. At least I have something to do on Mondays instead of procrastinating and then regret.

Tuesday, I got to teach P6 Solidarity. They broke my watch. Nuff said. Moving on. Wednesday, I went to P6 Purity. I got to deal with two students fighting each other again, a girl and a boy. Just in case you guys were wondering, the girl won #postmoderngirls Continue reading “Batam week four, baby!”

Batam week three, baby!

It has rained all week so apparently everyone seems to get sick but I didn’t want it to stop me from being productive!

Tuesday I took P6 Solidarity to the science lab to do a little research about yeasts and fungi and THANKFULLY no students karate chopped each other. Wednesday I got to play the piano and sing at a nearby coffee shop. I did Piano Man as always! Continue reading “Batam week three, baby!”