Numpanc ning sach kow

That’s Khmer for ‘bread and beef’. and yep, we had Khmer sandwich for dinner this week.

Starting Monday, I didn’t teach at part-time centre anymore because the country director wants me to focus more on developing and improving all the 5 websites and get those websites done by the end of this month. I know it sounds ridiculously impossible because never in my life have I ever done a project involving the development of a single website for less than two months, let alone five of them so this is going to be super challenging!


Achievement unlocked: Climbing the school gate. Twice (Monday and Wednesday). They always lock the gate at 9 pm, which is fine because nobody has the desire to spend every night in this deserted, creepy little town, unless you voluntarily wish to get robbed. So, the meals the school provided for dinner this week always contained fish in there and also, Abdoulaye found a fly in the rice and it didn’t only happen once and that’s the reason why we never ate the meals and instead, we went to the market at 23:30 and put our lives in danger but we didn’t care anyway. We were desperately starving and asking them for the key took a century long. So we climbed and no, our wallets didn’t get stolen. HA.

A few weeks ago, Naoko, the Japanese woman who is in charge of international volunteers told me there would be a new volunteer coming and share a room with me. So the guy came on Wed and… drum roll please… He’s from INDONESIA. Wow. Just wow.

Friday– I met with the founder of the organisation. We call him Big Teacher. He is such an intelligent person and he has inspired me in so many ways. He has been recently nominated as one of the top 50 finalists of Global Teacher’s Award. He’s just amazing! And also very busy.

Last week I started my own community development project with Mr. Sarath, the guy who sells Khmer sandwich in Phsar Preakeng, and also happens to be an amazing friend of mine. The project itself aims to introduce the importance of English language to the children living in Preakeng and Chemampeu area. I teach English from 2-4 pm on the weekends at Mr Bunkim’s house and so far I’ve got 2 students. Just in case you were wondering, Mr Bunkim and Mr Sarath are buddies. Cool is, Mr Sarath will pick me up from the school to Mr Bunkim’s house every weekend, with a Camry. Got my private limo, yo! Not to mention free meals and, please don’t tell Dr Fernando, iced coffee 🙂 Life has never been this good.

Both Tong and Holy attend an English course in different schools and because of that, they both have different level of English and also different things that they find the most difficult. So I formulated an exclusive, tailor-based lessons to make them understand each other much easier.

Sunday after teaching, we went to KFC. Yes, the friggin’ finger licking good Kentucky Fried Chicken. On the tuktuk Abdoulaye talked about life and blablabla. Don’t get me wrong, he’s a great philosopher, like really, really great, and his view towards life is beyond everyone. He’s a stud! Love ya man. We had chicken burgers and some fizzy drink. WHAT A DAY!

To close this week, if I only had a little humility, I would be perfect. ~ Ted Turner. If it wasn’t because of humility, I would never know Mr Sarath (and the three other people) from the market. I would never be able to learn and speak the Khmer language now. And I would never be the person who I am today. Mistaken is the man who thinks he can live without others; but the one who thinks others can’t live without him is even more deluded. I LOVE YOU GOOD PEOPLE!

Love and peace.

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