Spring Camp 2017 (still -15°C ish)

Just a quick update. We’re currently at Spring break camp situated in the outer part of the city. It’s my first Siberian camp ever and the kids are wonderful! Almost everyone who participates is from another town or nearby settlement. Internet connection is almost non-existent here, so this is going to be short but don’t […]

Difficult roads lead to beautiful destinations

Greetings from Siberia, friends and family! First and foremost, let me express my sincere gratitude for the positive feedbacks I received from the previous mail. I was blown away! THANK YOUS! Today marks my third week in Krasnoyarsk. As time goes by I have met new people, visited new places, and obviously experienced new things […]


朋友们, 你们好! 我今天想聊聊我的汉语老师在北京大学. 她叫 Yu Bin,是一位很友好的中国人. 说汉语和写汉字很酷! 我也有三朋友们, 利君, 禹杰和邱宁燕. 她们帮助我练习我的汉语. 感谢你们! 日前我说我一月想去北京, 我其实去北京下个月! 我很激动! 我昨天跟我的朋友靖涵说话和他在等我. 我在北京青年英营两周前见到他和现在他是我的好朋友, 对?! 🙂


朋友们好! 你们怎么样? 我刚开始学习华语. 我叫盛天琦. 这是我的华语名字和我的朋友来自中国邱宁燕给了我. 和我二十二岁和我是老师. 我是印度尼西亚人. 我可以说英语德语和印尼语和华语是我的第四语言. 顾思羽 [La Agusta] 是我的好朋友和禹杰是我的’姐姐’来自中国因为她教我. 我的电话号码是八九六二七四一九二零六. 你的电话号码是多少? 很高兴认识你谢谢! 再见!