Batam week three, baby!

It has rained all week so apparently everyone seems to get sick but I didn’t want it to stop me from being productive!

Tuesday I took P6 Solidarity to the science lab to do a little research about yeasts and fungi and THANKFULLY no students karate chopped each other. Wednesday I got to play the piano and sing at a nearby coffee shop. I did Piano Man as always!

Thursday I got to teach P6 Solidarity again, which means I had to deal with 24 monsters with rage issues and a special-needs student. It just makes living in a room full of rats and daddy long legs, and oftentimes with no water and electricity for 9 months in Cambodia seem way easier to do. Seriously. I thought a fancy bedroom with air-con, a nice toilet and 24-hour electricity were going to make things easier. I was all but wrong. Things are getting harder and tougher and I’m starting to question myself; how am I going to fix mentally ill people and teach them about how wonderful their lives are, when I’m also suffering from several mental illnesses?

I remind myself again. I will never go down without a fight. I am here for them. I will give all my best to serve and provide support for those who need it. Then I am doing this for myself. Some random guy on the Twitter wrote, “If you are not able to help yourself anymore, then you got to start helping others.” And it’s true. So, let’s do this!


Sunday I met with two Malays and we had lunch at this restaurant by the seaside. BATAM IS SO BEAUTIFUL! The city is surrounded by small and medium-sized islands and in Batam, the major 7 islands are connected by 6 beautiful bridges. Man, the colour of the water is just PERRFECTA! Then we got to visit a Vietnamese Refugee Camp, which is located in one of the small islands. There were a lot of monkeys! The island used to be where the Vietnamese escaped during the Vietnam War.

How are things going in your areas? Tons of love.

P.S. Thanks for the early birthday present from Ireland! I wore the shirt on Sunday with pride:)

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