Batam week four, baby!

I got a new job as a volunteer teacher at a tuition centre, located about 25 minutes away by public bus. The children there are amazing but they’re pretty shy. It’s a bit tiring as well because I had to sweep and mop the floor of the two-story building at 7.00 in the morning and go back to the house at 19.00. At least I have something to do on Mondays instead of procrastinating and then regret.

Tuesday, I got to teach P6 Solidarity. They broke my watch. Nuff said. Moving on. Wednesday, I went to P6 Purity. I got to deal with two students fighting each other again, a girl and a boy. Just in case you guys were wondering, the girl won #postmoderngirls

Thursday in P6 Purity, I divided them into 5 different groups. Each group was given a bread covered in colourful fungi and they had to observe them under the microscope. There was this group who was just playing around with the bread and then broke it into pieces. It took me 2 weeks to grow the fungi and the bread actually belonged to some P6 Solidarity students so I got so pissed off. I asked them to replace it and they were suspended until the fungi grow. I felt really bad for them but I’m fed up with all the troubles every darn day. Then in the evening I got to meet an Irish friend who just came in town. She was lovely… and so friendly… typical Irish wan haha. She lost her money and bank cards in Australia and she couldn’t afford staying in a hostel. She didn’t even have money to buy food. I took her to my friend’s and she stayed there for a couple of days before she left. She really needed some money to get the ferry to Singapore, which is quite expensive. I wish I could help but I couldn’t, not with 24 euros in my pocket and I have to make the most of it. So I told her I could only buy her food for lunch and dinner, which means I needed to skip breakfast for a few days to buy some food for her. But it was really nice to have some conversations with her. We talked about Dublin and its hustle and bustle.

Friday, I taught P6 Solidarity again. And unsurprisingly, two students squabbled each other, but this time involving chemical powder and one of them got it right in his eyes. He fell over and cried because it’s got to be extremely painful and he might be BLIND. Oh .My. God. I took the guy who had got powdered to the loo with the help of another teacher and the other one to the faculty room and just let the other staff handle it. I just couldn’t.

Sunday I got a call all the way from Cambodia and I GOT TRANSFERRED TO THAILAND!

Well, some of you might already know that the founder of the organisation Madenjit Singh (we call him Big Teacher) was nominated as one of the top 50 finalists of the Global Teacher Prize. It’s like a Noble Prize for teachers and on the 8th of February, he was chosen as one of the top 10 and it’s such a big deal for us. In early January we opened a new centre in Thailand, where Big Teacher is currently based in and he wants me to help build the new centre. So, I’ll be in Thailand for 2 weeks and I might come to Cambodia, too!:)

When I was walking down the street on Friday because I missed the school bus, a stranger offered me a ride. It was kinda random, but really nice of him. Then I went to the laundry to get my clothes cleaned up, the woman told me I didn’t have to pay for it. I was confused, and a little bit shocked as well. But she didn’t tell me anything but ‘it’s okay’. It’s just a simple thing but in the right time, the right place and with the right person, it can be a HUGE DEAL. A simple act of kindness can make an endless ripple that comes back to you. I don’t mind skipping breakfast every day if it means feeding someone who hasn’t eaten for days. Because if I were the Irish woman and I really needed help but no one would help me. Suddenly a stranger came offering a hand, how would it make you feel? Pretty good, right? Here’s to the guy who gave me a ride so I didn’t have to sweat. Here’s to the laundry lady for her kindness. Here’s to the people who try their hardest to be good for everyone.

Anyway I’m headed off to Thailand in a few hours and I can’t wait to spend 2 weeks playing with the elephants! How are you guys? I’m pretty sure you have a much better story. Have a wonderful week ahead! Share the love.

Your Danny Boy whose pipes are calling.

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