Difficult roads lead to beautiful destinations

Greetings from Siberia, friends and family! First and foremost, let me express my sincere gratitude for the positive feedbacks I received from the previous mail. I was blown away! THANK YOUS!

Today marks my third week in Krasnoyarsk. As time goes by I have met new people, visited new places, and obviously experienced new things I would’ve never thought I would do. I couldn’t write last week because the school office was still closed for the holidays and still is, means no internet for me. But luckily, the school director came to my flat this morning and gave me a loaded-up prepaid USB modem. It’s not the fastest connection but I’m so glad I have 24 hours of internet access now! Fantastic, right? Apparently there’s not much happening this week either because I only spent most of the times in the flat and to be honest it’s been a pretty rough and challenging one. Continue reading “Difficult roads lead to beautiful destinations”