Thailand (Lamplaimat), Week One

I’m back to basic living. I landed at Don Muang Airport, Bangkok Tuesday morning. Then I still had to take a bus for 6 hours northeast. I’m in the middle of nowhere with the closest town being 90 km away. But I like it here! We’re surrounded by so many beautiful trees and flowers. Funny is, even though we’re physically in Thailand, there are no Thai people at our centre at all! It’s because our first centre in Thailand is pretty newly built so we are not able to start classes here at the moment. So, the teachers go to public schools nearby and teach there. Instead, There are about 28 Cambodians here, who were once our students in Cambodia and now they have become teachers so I feel like I’m in Cambodia, speaking Khmer, even I can smell prohok every day. Continue reading “Thailand (Lamplaimat), Week One”

Batam week four, baby!

I got a new job as a volunteer teacher at a tuition centre, located about 25 minutes away by public bus. The children there are amazing but they’re pretty shy. It’s a bit tiring as well because I had to sweep and mop the floor of the two-story building at 7.00 in the morning and go back to the house at 19.00. At least I have something to do on Mondays instead of procrastinating and then regret.

Tuesday, I got to teach P6 Solidarity. They broke my watch. Nuff said. Moving on. Wednesday, I went to P6 Purity. I got to deal with two students fighting each other again, a girl and a boy. Just in case you guys were wondering, the girl won #postmoderngirls Continue reading “Batam week four, baby!”

Batam week three, baby!

It has rained all week so apparently everyone seems to get sick but I didn’t want it to stop me from being productive!

Tuesday I took P6 Solidarity to the science lab to do a little research about yeasts and fungi and THANKFULLY no students karate chopped each other. Wednesday I got to play the piano and sing at a nearby coffee shop. I did Piano Man as always! Continue reading “Batam week three, baby!”