Numpanc ning sach kow

That’s Khmer for ‘bread and beef’. and yep, we had Khmer sandwich for dinner this week.

Starting Monday, I didn’t teach at part-time centre anymore because the country director wants me to focus more on developing and improving all the 5 websites and get those websites done by the end of this month. I know it sounds ridiculously impossible because never in my life have I ever done a project involving the development of a single website for less than two months, let alone five of them so this is going to be super challenging! Continue reading “Numpanc ning sach kow”

Week of gratitude

Such a long week. I don’t know where to start off.

New week, new class, but same students. The Education Board asked me to teach the newly structured conversation module to my old students. It was so exciting! The fact that I will be spending most of the time with those talented young people makes me even more eager to do it. All of them confirmed to continue studying at SOLS, which means they will still have about one more month before they completely leave this school. Continue reading “Week of gratitude”